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Image Card

Pro Feature

This is an exclusive feature of DASH Pro. Check it out here.


This card adds a image on your dashboard. You can pass a absolute URL to this card and it will load that image within this card on the dashboard. If the size is a bit small for you, then you can even make the card bigger by using the size value together with setSize function.


Image Card
Valid Arguments: (ESPDash dashboard, Card Type, const char* name, const char* size )
Card card1(&dashboard, IMAGE_CARD, "Test Image", "lg");



Image card doesn't require any callback.


After initialization, you will have to provide the URL of the image which you want to display.

card1.update(const char* url);

Or you can also update the size of image using the second parameter. Supported sizes: "lg" and "xl"

// This will change the selected value and update the choices as well
card1.update(const char* url, const char* size);


This is a reference sketch showing positions for intializer and updater.


/* Image card initializer */
Card image(&dashboard, IMAGE_CARD, "Test Image", "lg");

void setup() {

/* Image card updater - can be used anywhere (apart from global scope) */

void loop() {