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So as many would ask, what is ESP-DASH? In simple words - It's a UI library for ESP32 & ESP8266 microcontrollers that let you generate a fully capable dashboard. It can moulded in any way possible to suit your application needs.

Here are a few things by which you benefit by using ESP-DASH in your project:

  • 🔥 Automatic webpage generation.
  • ⏱️ Realtime updates to all connected clients.
  • 🎷 No need to learn HTML/CSS/JS. ESP-DASH provides you with a C++ interface.
  • 🛫 Ready to use components for your data.
  • 🏀 It's dynamic! Add or remove components anytime from the webpage.
  • 📈 Inbuilt charts support.

Note: This documentation serves both the versions of ESP-DASH ( Lite - Open Source and Pro ). Therefore, if you notice "(Pro)" mentioned on any of the features in the documentation, that means it is only available in ESP-DASH Pro.