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Concept of DASH

The whole concept of ESP-DASH is around the idea of having 'Cards' and 'Charts' ( UI components ) on our dashboard. Therefore with V3, we divided the whole library into 3 separate classes:

  1. ESPDash ( ESPDash.h )
  2. Card ( Card.h )
  3. Chart ( Chart.h )

Concept Diagram

All of these classes serve their very own purpose and work harmoniously with a low heap footprint. Let's know more about the function of each class:

1. ESPDash Class

ESPDash class handles the networking part of our dashboard. It takes AsyncWebServer as a argument and connects itself to serve DASH V3 webpage from our MCU's program memory. This class is responsible for the transfer of card/chart data between webpage and your sketch.

2. Card Class

Our dashboard comprises of 'Cards' & 'Charts' and in our library, these are primarly data handling classes. Their main purpose is just to store data in their relevant position.

Card comprises of many sub-types ( for example: generic, temperature, humidity etc. ) which provides you great data visiualization choices.

3. Chart Class

Similar to Card Class, Chart handles the data for creating charts on our dashboard.