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Custom Logo

Pro Feature

This is an exclusive feature of DASH Pro. Check it out here.

Energy Card Preview Energy Card Preview

If you are not familiar with the interface yet, the dashboard has an sidebar which can be expanded and collapsed, in that case the logo switches between "mini" and "large" scale version.

Both these logos can be changed by the user by modifying the logo.h & logo.cpp file in the library source directory.

The logo used in DASH is image file converted to byte array. We'll go through the process below:

What you'll need

  • You'll need a compatible logo image ( jpeg / png / gif / tif etc. ) or an SVG file ( recommended due to small file size ). Important: Please make sure your image is optimized and small in file size.
  • Know the MIME file type of your image. You can use HTTPStrip's mime utility.

Step 1: Procedure to convert logo into byte array

  1. Go to File2Raw Utility ( I created this utility a few years back for the purpose of converting files into byte array for C++ applications ).
  2. Select your logo.
  3. Select "Gzip Compress" & "Use PROGMEM (Arduino)".
  4. Click "Convert".

Step 2: Setting custom logo in sketch

Now once your custom logo has been prepared, let's set it in our ESP-DASH Pro library. To do so, the library contains 2 files which contain the variable that govern 'mini' and 'large' logos used by our webpage.

  1. Go to logo.h
  2. Set DASH_MINI_LOGO_MIME to your image file type. To find your file's mime type, use this utility:
  3. Set DASH_MINI_LOGO_WIDTH & DASH_MINI_LOGO_HEIGHT according to your desired size which will be displayed on the webpage.
  4. Replace the array length of DASH_MINI_LOGO with the newly generated array length.
  5. Now open logo.cpp
  6. Replace the data inside DASH_MINI_LOGO with new data generated just before using File2Raw.

Once done, you may repeat the same steps as above for DASH_LARGE_LOGO.