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Custom Card Size

Pro Feature

This is an exclusive feature of DASH Pro. Check it out here.

Energy Card Preview

ESP-DASH Pro allows you to change the size of your cards & charts by providing you the setSize function. This function allows you to set a responsive width for your widgets without actually modifying the whole webpage.


Card sizing consists of breakpoints for an responsive layout that scales up or down to every screen size. The valid value for each breakpoint is 1 to 12.

To understand better, the breakpoints are as follows:

  • xs - Small Smartphone
  • sm - Normal Smartphone
  • md - Tablet
  • lg - HD laptop
  • xl - Full HD laptop
  • xxl - 2K display and above
Option 1:
  // This reference can be found in Card.h
void setSize(const uint8_t xs, const uint8_t sm, const uint8_t md, const uint8_t lg, const uint8_t xl, const uint8_t xxl);
Option 2:
  // These references can be found in Card.h
struct CardSize {
uint8_t xs;
uint8_t sm;
uint8_t md;
uint8_t lg;
uint8_t xl;
uint8_t xxl;

void setSize(const CardSize &size);


Option 1:
card1.setSize(12, 12, 6, 4, 3, 2);
Option 2:
.xs = 12,
.sm = 12,
.md = 6,
.lg = 4,
.xl = 3,
.xxl = 2